Whether you don't like vinegar pickles or just want something new to try, these pickles are just what you need! They are spicy, crunchy and are exploding with flavour....oh and they occasionally actually've been warned!



You'll need only basic canning supplies for this simple recipe! Jars, lids, rings and pickling salt. Have your jars/lids/rings washed, sterilized and ready to go. Place your pickling cucumbers in ice water, peel your garlic and slit your hot peppers (do not cut completely in half).

Since I never know exactly how many jars I'll be making I just follow this basic formula and keep making new batches of brine as needed.

For the brine bring to a boil;

4 litres of water

1/3 cup pickling salt

In each jar pack a fair bit of dill, garlic (lots of garlic!) and a couple of hot peppers like jalapenos or habaneros. Next pile in your pickling cucumbers (green tomatoes halved or sliced are amazing too!) Top with more dill, garlic and another hot pepper. Pour in your HOT brine leaving an inch or so of headspace. Cap and tighten the lids. You will not be able to remove the rings for storage. Set on a counter and cover with a towel. After a day or two the jars will start to turn cloudy, some garlic may also turn green. at this point carefully place your jars in a dark cool storage area. Now you wait.

Alternatively you can use a pickle pipe and allow the gases to escape. This will allow you to eat pickles in as little time as a week but they do not store as long without being refrigerated. Capped pickles will last a year or so but we've ate 2 year old ones with little difference in texture and flavour.



Over time a layer of white sediment may form on the pickles or in the bottom of the not....I repeat DO NOT shake the jars! Because these pickles are actually fermenting they build up C02. After 6 weeks carefully remove a jar from storage....they won't explode just from being moved a little. Set it on your counter and open the jar. Your pickles should be fizzing and the brine bubbling. After uncapping allow the jar to vent for a few minutes. Then you can close it back up and give it a good shake to disperse any sediment. The garlic can be eaten too and the pickle juice is awesome in Caesars! 

Refrigerate any pickles you don't eat right away.

Capped pickles can be stored in a cool dark area for a year easy but I bet they won't get a chance to sit around for that long!



My hubby's Grandmother has been making these pickles FOREVER and because I love my hubby SO MUCH I started making them too! 

When we went to visit my mom we brought a couple jars of hot pickles. She had placed them on a hutch in her living room. On our way home my mom called "The pickles FUCKING EXPLODED EVERYWHERE!" and we had a good laugh. She had shaken the jars to disturb the sediment before coming out to say goodbye. Now we ALWAYS warn people when we gift them a jar!